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Meet our team. We have carefully selected a group of high quality professional trainers to help you on your fitness and wellness journey. With many years experience, we are confident that you are supported in each and every class you attend. All of our trainers are registered and equipped with the knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries, health issues or goals you want to achieve with your fitness.



Tina is a Certified Aerobic Instructor, ex-Fila Kick Power Instructor Educator with over 20 years experience in group fitness training in Switzerland and the USA. Tina's focus is on motivating others to exercise and have fun while doing it. Her strength in allowing people of all fitness levels and experience to feel comfortable and uninhibited in her classes is the key to the balance of pushing the advanced participants to make the most of their workout, while at the same time teaching the beginners so that they are able to follow the class even on the first visit. 

"My favourite part of teaching is seeing the improvement in strength, flexibility , condition and even body shape of the regulars in my classes. Important to me is that we have fun in class, however still get in a good  and efficient workout."​

  • Owner & Founder of kickboxaerobics.ch

  • Kickbox Aerobics Instructor

  • Body Toning Instructor

  • TRX Instructor



Giovanni has been active with martial arts since the age of 16 years, following his childhood football career. From the age 16 - 21 he trained full contact Karate (Kyuokushin Karate). With 21 Giovanni began boxing and kick boxing. Between the ages of 23 - 35 he travelled travelled numerous times to Thailand to train Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing. In 1988, he won 2nd place in the Swiss Kick Boxing Championships. Giovanni entered the Fitness Industry in 2000, as the owner of a fitness and martial arts center, which he successfully ran for ten years.

  • Boxing Instructor

  • Thai Boxing Instructor

  • Kids / Teens Boxing & Thai Boxing Instructor

  • Personal Trainer



Manuel is a qualified fitness trainer with 16 years of experience in power and endurance training. In 2006, Manuel won a Natural Bodybuilding competition with the impressive title Swiss Champion. For the past 3 years Manuel is training Thai Boxing. As if that's not enough exercise, Manuel is a training manager with Outdoor Motivation.

His personal inspiration comes primarily from the people with whom he works together. Individual goals, a familiar atmosphere as well as to motivate the participants in his classes are mainly important to him. "The joy should be there as well as an indescribable feeling after the training."

  • Thai Boxing Instructor

  • Teens Thai Boxing Instructor



Robin has been a professional Personal Trainer and Contemporary Dancer for 18 years. He has worked all over Europe specializing in Body Aesthetics, Flexibility and Body Balance. Following his dance career in which he has performed in over 1500 live performances, Robin now teaches professionally to all ages in Dance Technique and Fitness Coaching as well as continuing to choreograph for dance companies and schools in Switzerland and abroad.

Utilising his knowledge of anatomy and dance, Robin gears his training sessions towards Cardio and Stamina, focusing on Muscular Definition and Lengthening designed to improve posture and fitness in addition to physical and mental well being.

  • TRX Instructor

  • Body Toning Instructor

  • Personal Trainer



Melanie is an internationally trained yoga teacher originally from Australia who joined the team in September 2018.


Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone. All body shapes and sizes. Her classes are very much about fluid movement, body awareness and just having fun. Finding self love and self acceptance by nourishing your body with fitness, food, sleep and self care.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher



Eric joined the Kickbox Aerobics Team in March 2018. He brings with him years of experience in Classic as well as Thai Boxing. His calm and precise teaching style allows beginners as well as experienced participants to perfect their technique.

  • Thai Boxing Instructor

  • Boxing Instructor

  • Kids / Teens Boxing & Thai Boxing Instructor



Marc began his training as a professional dancer at the age of 11 at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden. In his spare time Marc has always been enthusiastic about various sports such as climbing, handball, snowboarding, power sports and boxing.


After 7 years as a professional dancer Marc completed his certification to become a personal trainer/fitness coach, he ended his career and came to Switzerland with his girlfriend and dance partner Stefanie to gain a foothold in the fitness industry.

Since August 2018 Marc works as a personal trainer and fitness coach in Switzerland and inspires people around him for health and fitness.

  • Circuit Training Instructor

  • Personal Trainer



Stefanie Ringler received her diploma as a professional dancer at the Ballet Academy in Munich. She has worked at the Zurich Opera House, Theater Krefeld and Mönchengladbach as well as the German Dance Company Neustrelitz. Stefanie instructs various courses such as Ballet and Pilates. 

Here at kickboxaerobics.ch Stefanie is teaching Barre Workout, a full body workout, however her training focuses on correct and upright posture working on strengthening the back and abdomen. Stefanie's happy, open, friendly and helpful character is a natural inspiration to her participants!

  • Barre Teacher

  • Personal Trainer



Lisa grew up in a family that had a strong background in athletics and swimming, giving her a passion for sports and wellness. From the age of 12, she started to teach fitness classes and dance at her local sporting club. At 16, she became a swimming instructor. Her most recent involvement with her school, was a programme targeted at swimming for stress release.


In Lisa's classes, her focus is on listening to the body, forgetting about what we have heard or seen and just coming back to the core essentials of our own fitness. Joy, movement and progress.


” When you are in my class I hope that I can motivate you to push yourself. That could mean doing one more push-up or the mental stamina of holding on until the clock stops. I hope to show you how strong your body and mind can be when they work in unison.”

  • Circuit Training Instructor



Lygia is a keen sportswoman having been a competitive swimmer, ski instructor, triathlete and now a Yoga teacher.

Lygia´s teaching style is influenced mainly by Vinyasa, Hatha and more recently Katonah Yoga. Lygia´s classes are authentic as she seeks to bring about accessible, safe and fun Yoga flow for all age groups and levels. Her classes go beyond the physical - she teaches that what we learn on the mat is only preparation for everything off the mat.

I am particularly enthusiastic about the power of the ‘Yoga Community’. We are all unique, coming in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and being of varying ages – and yet when practising Yoga in a community, we all share a similar experience that has the power to establish long-lasting positive relationships with likeminded people.”


  • Yoga Teacher