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COVID 19 Protection concept 

(Update 16.02.2022)


Effect Thursday 17..02.2022, Certificates and Masks are no longer required to join us for trainings.

Online trainings will continue to be available via both live streaming andVideo on Demand.

incase you still feel more comfortable training in the safety of your own home.

Your health and safety is our top priority

and that is why we will continue with the following measures

to keep the studio as safe and healthy as possible:


  • Sanitize hands when entering and leaving the studio.

  • Always keep a distance 

  • Avoid coming to the gym if you feel unwell, have a fever or show signs of illness.

  • Do not come to the gym if anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid 19

  • Drink bottles must be brought, otherwise bottled drinks may be purchased at the studio. Studio drinking glasses and cups may no longer be used.

  • Hands must be thoroughly washed and sanitized before using studio boxing gloves. After use, the inside of the gloves must be sprayed with disinfectant spray. It is recommended that participants wear their own boxing gloves.

  • All materials used during class must be disinfected after use. (including jump ropes)

  • Windows will be opened during class (if it is too cold, windows will be opened before and after class) and air cleaners and ventilation will run during class.

  • The studio floor is disinfected after each class and the entire studio is thoroughly disinfected daily.



We wish you safety, health and happiness and  look forward to training with you!

Thank you for your loyalty and support !!!


Tina & the team




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