COVID 19 Protection Concept and Booking Guidelines

(update 01.06.2021)



Masks must be worn by all people over the age of 12 when entering the building and studio,

however may be removed for the training as long as there are not more than 5 people total (including the trainer) and 

as long as the 15m2 of space per person is maintained at all times. Our classes may again reach full capacity.

Yoga classes and Body Toning may be participated in without wearing masks, as long as the 1.5 meter distance is kept at all times. 

We require a temperature reading when entering the studio. Participants with fever may not participate and must leave the studio.      

(A quick test is recommended, and we ask that you inform us if you should test positive)

We have two new air purifiers, which remove a major percent of viruses, dust, pollen and odor from the air.

In addition, the studio will be effectively ventilated through open windows before, after (and if possible during) the lessons.

At the same time the air vent will be running.

*No additional measures during training are required for children and adolescents,

except that the trainer wears a mask during training.

Online Training will continue to be available both via Live Streaming and Video on Demand. 


The following implemented protective measures, are still in place.



  • Wash and disinfect hands when entering and leaving the studio.


  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters at all times. Without masks 15 m2 per person.


  • Avoid coming to the Studio if you are unwell, have a fever, or show signs of illness. 


  • Do not come to training if someone in your household or school has tested positive for Covid 19 or is in quarantine.

  • No partner work.


  • Towels must be brought with you, they may no longer be borrowed from the studio.


  • Drink bottles must be brought with you, otherwise bottled drinks can be purchased in the studio. Studio drinking glasses and cups may no longer be used.


  • Before using studio boxing gloves, hands must be washed thoroughly and disinfected. After use, the inside of the gloves must be sprayed with disinfectant spray. It is advised that participants have their own boxing gloves.

  • All materials used during the class must be disinfected after use. (including jump ropes)


  • The windows are opened during the lesson (if it is too cold, the windows are opened before and after the lesson) and air ventilation runs during the lesson.

  • The studio floor will be disinfected after every class and the entire Studio will be thoroughly disinfected daily.



We wish you safety, health and happiness during this difficult time.  

Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!!! 

Tina & the Team