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  • All Classes, Events & Workshops MUST BE BOOKED AND PAID IN ADVANCE over the Eversports App or the webpage class schedule. Bookings are possible up to 10 minutes after class begin. Class pass purchases are possible in studio, must be paid in advance of the bookings.


  • Booking cancellations must be made at least 2 hours prior to class start via the App. Late cancellations will be invoiced for the full single entrance price. Late cancellations will not be covered by the Class Passes. 


  • If there are no bookings 60 minutes before class begin, the class will be cancelled in the system. EXCEPTION regarding early morning classes see next point.


  • Early morning classes (all classes starting before 9:00) must be booked by 21:00 the evening prior. Cancellations must as well be made by this time. If no bookings by 21:00 the class will be cancelled in the system. *Last minute bookings will be possible as long as others are already booked by 21:00 the evening before class.


  • All Classes, Courses and Workshops MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE, bookings will no longer be possible if not paid.


  • Class Passes, Courses and Workshops may be purchased online via the Eversports App, *in studio or with *Bank Transfer or *Payment Slip


      * When paying for Class Passes, Courses and Workshops in studio or via Bank Transfer or Payment Slip, please keep in mind the purchase             must be made prior to the class, course or workshop booking.


When paying online over the Eversports App your purchase will be directly linked and posted to your account. Transaction payments in studio with TWINT, Cash, Debit- Credit Card or with Payment Slip or Bank Transfer will be entered into your account manually and therefore may have a lag time of two days. Bank Transfer and Payment Slip will be posted on your account as soon as payment notification has arrived from the bank, this can take up to 4 days.





*It is only possible to book your class online when the class has already been paid.


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