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Tina Mack - Gallo

Tina is a Certified Aerobic Instructor, ex-Fila Kick Power Instructor Educator with over 20 years experience in group fitness training in Switzerland and the USA. Tina's focus is on motivating others to exercise and have fun while doing it. Her strength in allowing people of all fitness levels and experience to feel comfortable and uninhibited in her classes is the key to the balance of pushing the advanced participants to make the most of their workout, while at the same time teaching the beginners so that they are able to follow the class even on the first visit. 

"My favourite part of teaching is seeing the improvement in strength, flexibility, condition and even body shape of the regulars in my classes. Important to me is that we have fun in class, however still get in a good and efficient workout."​

Tina teaches her classes in English as well as German.

  • Owner & Founder of

  • Kickbox Aerobics Instructor

  • Body Toning Instructor

  • TRX Instructor

  • Circuit Training Instructor

  • MetCon Instructor

  • Killer Core & Booty Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

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