Anna Maillet-Contoz

Anna grew up in the UK and has been living in Switzerland since 2014. 

Over the last 15 years she has participated in many ½ marathons in the UK as well as France, and even challenged herself to climb Kilimanjaro!


Anna has always had a passion for sports and fitness and in 2019 she decided to leave her corporate job and follow that lifelong passion. Since then she has been working as a group fitness instructor specialising in Circuit Training, Boxing HIIT, as well as a Personal Trainier. 


"To me it's really important that you realise YOUR OWN potential. I am here to push you to actually achieve more than you think you can. As a result YOU will strive to push yourself further and further each and every time."

"The greatest satisfaction of my job is not only seeing someone achieve their fitness goals; but observing them start to understand the impact their training will have on other aspects of their life: making them happier, healthier & more confident. For me sports is MORE than just getting fit or building muscle; it's what it does to the mind and well-being of each individual."


You can usually see Anna in her spare time running, boxing, hiking, & skiing somewhere in Europe or trying something new..... 😊


  • Boxing HIIT Instructor

  • Circuit Training Instructor 

  • Personal Trainer